About our Leathers

All our specially developed leathers are finished by hand; every piece is totally unique and individual. The shades and tones vary from one piece to another, the colours vary every time they are produced and no two are ever quite the same, truly individual and unique. They ooze quality with beautiful rich tones and patinas coming from the 100% natural leathers we use. The Vintage Old Boot leathers recreate that authentically aged vintage distressed look. The Rustic Leathers, as the name suggests are wonderfully rich, deep and earthy with a beautifully smooth wax finish. Our Original Old Boot leathers are painstakingly finished by hand to replicate that luxurious real old-time atmosphere, look and feel.

Old Boot Vintage Leathers

Our Vintage Leather is the highest quality, aniline leather and it is unique because of  the lengths we have gone to in order to achieve just the right tones, shades and texture to give a truly authentic, vintage look.  It is 100% real leather and looks a hundred years old and it is not all stiff and crackly, it is lovely and smooth too - now that takes some doing.

Old Boot Rustic Leathers

This leather is one of the thickest leathers available and because of the time buffing up the surface, it is super soft and smooth - just stroke it and you will fall in love with it. It is waxy yet semi-matt in appearance and has some wonderful variations in colour and shade, created during the buffing up. This really adds to the texture and character.

Old Boot Original Leathers

Now this stuff really is a bit special. We love it so much because it is the perfect fit for some of our sofas and chairs.  We only use top quality, 100% natural leather and it is completely developed by hand from start to finish. It is coloured entirely by hand. This is the only way to get this totally authentic aged look. There are no short cuts here - and it results in beautiful, deep tones and patinas, aged to perfection and totally unique. Coloured in specific areas where normal wear and tear would take place, this cannot be achieved any other way and it makes our new sofas and chairs look a hundred years old and that really is just what we want. More importantly, we hope it is what you want too.

Please Note

As all of our leathers have been created using only the top grain of the hides, any natural marks and scars are visible and we love and cherish them - they are very much part of what gives our Old Boot leather its character and individuality.






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