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At Old Boot we wanted to recreate and share a very special feeling. One day, when rummaging around an old flea market, a real treasure was unearthed, that rare find that’s unique and a bit special; it was a beautifully made, extremely comfy, wonderfully aged leather sofa. It had a few tears here and there and the springs had seen better days, but it was beautiful all the same. After some careful and time consuming restoration, it took pride of place in the living room. There he lived for many years. He’s seen the kids grow up and fly the nest, survived three house moves, one dog and he’s still standing, as strong and welcoming as ever. So many lovely compliments were paid to The Judge (yes, sad I know we did give that old boy a name) that a passion to recreate and share this special sofa was born. This passion took over and so began years of scouring the planet to buy old, beaten up sofas and chairs of all shapes and sizes, carefully taking them apart, delving into their souls and discovering their secrets so that we could recreate them but with a slight twist here and there. We even developed our own specially developed leathers to nail that authentic look – and just as importantly, the feel.

So Old Boot came from a passion to recreate one special sofa, that led to a collection of special sofas and chairs that hopefully you too will come to love and maybe even name. Individually English sofas with a little twist here and there, a sofa that’s tough as old boots, with heart and soul. That’s an Old Boot Sofa; see if you can uncover some of its secrets.