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Sort Your Life (Or at Least, Your Home) Out with a Trip to the Old Boot Showroom

With a new dawn of Internet shopping truly hailed, few people take time to actually heed the old adage ‘try before you buy’ nowadays. We’re all so busy with our jobs and our kids and walking into lampposts because we’re glued to Instagram that visiting a real life store is starting to seem painfully quaint. And OK, we see the logic in ordering three pairs of jeans and sending back the two that don’t fit – but not all products can be tested so simply.   At Old Boot, we... Read More


Summer Snuggles Just Got Compact with Our New Old Boots

With all the fresh, exciting newness dropping at Old Boot recently, you might be finding it hard to keep up – and with sweaty nights and sunburned BBQs of summer lurking just around the nearest corner, and the mind-numbing tedium of another election nearly over, what better way to slow down and chill out than with a cosy snuggle on our new Nutshell or Hutch compact sofas? Whether you’re planning on snuggling solo or throwing caution to the wind and making moves a deux, here are some of the top... Read More


The Most Ridiculous Things Made Out of Leather

At Old Boot, we all agree that leather’s pretty amazing– which is why our handmade, custom leather is fundamental to the design of our traditional leather sofas. But not every piece of leather comprises a quality good, and believe us when we tell you that there are some truly baffling discoveries to be made in the wide world of leather goods –so from Nordstrom’s $87 leather-wrapped rock to a Walnutstudiolo’s leather beer holster, here are the most ridiculous items re-imagined in leather. Walnutstudiolo’s Leather Beer Holder You know how it... Read More


If Old Boot Ran the Elections

We’re not sure if any of you have noticed, but there’s been a bit of an election on recently. Here at Old Boot we prefer sticking to our forte of traditional leather sofas rather than the workings of government, but we can’t but feel that there are more than a few elements of the UK’s election process that would be vastly improved with us in charge. Here, we imagine what it would be like if Old Boot ran the elections. Without a doubt the biggest change to elections under new... Read More


Five Interior Decorating Trends That are Best Left to the Experts

At Old Boot, we’ve seen our sofas find a home surrounded by just about every kind of décor imaginable. From our classic leather Chesterfield sofa beds fitting snugly into matching vintage surroundings to the visual whiplash of retro vintage leather sofas among ultra-modern décor, we’ve seen it all. Copying interior design trends is no easy feat – here are some we feel are best left to the experts. Tropical Prints Sometimes you’ve got to go for bold décor decisions if you want to make a statement, and nothing says bold... Read More


Transitioning into Summer with Old Boot’s Tutti Frutti Range

At Old Boot we’re always searching for new ways to make our sofas stand out. From our classic leather Chesterfield sofas to our nifty leather bean cubes, we want our sofas to be the centre of attention. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Tutti Frutti range, which come in some of our most striking colours and are made of our softest, smoothest leather. This new range of bold, fruity colours will have people marvelling at your Tutti Frutti faster than it takes Little Richard to sing ‘awopbopaloobop alopbamboom’. Deep Plumb... Read More

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5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Living Room

If your house or apartment is a tad on the cosy side, effectively furnishing and decorating your living space can feel like a mammoth task. Particularly in living rooms, where generally we spend most of our time, a smaller space can began to feel cramped and claustrophobic with the wrong furnishings or decor. If you’re struggling with just how to utilise your small living space, at Old Boot Sofas we have answers to all your problems! From genius storage solutions to clever colours and lighting, here are five of the... Read More


Which Old Boot Sofa Collection Are You?

An Old Boot sofa isn’t content to sit meekly in the corner, bereft of personality. Our traditional leather sofas have a bit of character, something a bit more unique than your average piece of furniture. Take our vintage leather Battersea sofa, for example – it’s a sofa that makes itself known, which has a bit of charm and verve, and isn’t afraid to show off. Think the sort of person who just needs to flash their winning smile to get out of any scrape or pass over any blunder –... Read More


Spring Cleaning Checklist & How To Clean Your Leather Sofa

Spring is a time of new beginnings; flowers blooming, seasons changing and of course, spring cleaning! Spring is as good a time as any to really give your house a good old deep scrub and polish, allowing you to step into the new season feeling refreshed, organised and squeaky clean! Here at Old Boot we’ve put together a handy checklist to meet all your spring cleaning needs, plus some advice on cleaning and caring for your beloved leather sofa.     Bedroom     One of the most important thing... Read More


Old Boot is Bringing Back the Beanbag!

It might not seem like it right now, but summer is just around the corner – bringing long, lazy days and short, steamy nights with it. So, if you’re anything like Old Boot, you’ll probably want to start practising your relaxing soon (any excuse, right?) and we’ve got the perfect accessory.   We’ve just launched a brand new range, marking a seminal diversion from sofa-crafting for our brand – so you know we think these beauties are something pretty special! Carefully hand-crafted with all the exacting quality, exemplary design and... Read More