Leather Club and Wingback Chairs

Our stunning brand new buttery-soft Hobnail leather packed with Old Boot character is now available, so come and have a rummage, you’re sure to find an Old Boot that fits. Each sofa or chair is individually hand crafted and has our specially developed Hobnail Leather hugging their tough as old boot frames. This Leather is the highest quality, hardwearing and packed with character, perfect for homes with kids and pets due it's stain resistance and anti-scratch surface, it’s our most durable leather with a super soft feel. All our models can be finished in our exclusive Hobnail Leather, so if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call: 020 3926 5500 or email us.

Old Boot Hobnail Leather Leather Club and Wing Chairs

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Our brand new, unique Hobnail Leather has been exclusively developed for Old Boot to offer the best of both worlds; a family & pet friendly leather that gives a wonderful patina packed with authentic character as well as a scratch and stain resistant finish*. It has a soft, warm, buttery feel to cuddle up on in winter and being a 100% natural hide it breaths meaning it's perfect to chill out on in the summer. Each hide is hand-picked from the finest Buffalo raw hides and then tanned in Italy. We offer a range of 6 natural tones each offering a timeless choice.

*Any spills can be wiped off if done so quickly and not left for any period of time, the surface offers a scratch resistant finish but is not resistant to very sharp objects.

Please Note:
As all our leathers are finished by hand, every piece is totally unique - the shades and tones vary from one piece to another, the colours vary every time they are produced and no two are ever quite the same, truly individual and unique.