Small Left Hand Corner Sofas

Sofas are our passion; we understand what it takes to create a good quality leather sofa which will be long lasting as well as look great. Here at Old Boot we dedicate our time to giving you the best hand crafted luxury leather sofas around. Take a look through the antique, contemporary and classic designs we have to offer, in an array of styles, colours and materials for you to choose from. If you're looking to make a statement with a large leather sofa, or snuggle up with a cherished one on one of our small 2-seater leather sofas, we promise an experience like nothing you've known before.

Small Left Hand Corner Sofas

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What's so good about being small? You fit in small spaces. The same goes for our compact leather corner sofas. Why not still have all the greatness of a chaise end corner sofa if you don't have the grandest room to place it. Comfortable proportions with extra generous deep feather topped seat cushions allow you to do almost anything - stretch out, curl up, smooch, play or even work on it. All complete with a gorgeous chaise end, accommodating for even the very longest of legs.

If compact isn't the size for you, or you fancy being able to control who's turn it is for extra legroom, why not view our entire range of Leather Corner Sofas, all handmade in the UK and guaranteed to be absolutely gorgeous.